Broken Chapter Two

THE MIRACLE BOYS OF THE MONATUAK, the headlines screamed. THE MIRACLE BOYS raved the radio-waves. THE MIRACLE BOYS…those were the words on everyone’s lips the day the coastguard found Thomas and Kurt on the beach. They were the sole survivors of one of the most terrible disasters at sea. One hundred and forty seasoned seafarers... Continue Reading →

From the Desk of Lady Selene Entry Two

Today, I visited Vesper’s favorite places. She adored the forests and plains. I can still see her in my mind’s eye, standing among the flowers and trees, marveling over nature. I can hear her voice in the wind. I miss her. I miss everything about her. I miss the way she spoke so highly of... Continue Reading →

From the Desk of Selene Entry One

I have lost friends and colleagues. I have had my heart broken before. I am no stranger to grief. But today, I am undone. I have lost the woman I considered to be not only my equal but a sister. Vesper is dead. In the throes of childbirth, she passed away. In her place, she... Continue Reading →

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Broken Chapter One

The ship never stood a chance against the storm. In an instant, the calm sea turned violent and the oncoming storm threatened to kill them all. Orders were shouted over the monstrous waves that crashed onto the deck. Men were dragged overboard by the sea. Their death cries were muted as the storm grew in... Continue Reading →

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