The general idea for the Otherside blog was to develop a collection of short stories focusing on the horror and the macabre that would serve as supplement material for the book, The Otherside. In the early rough drafts, the characters that faced the monsters had little to no personality and essentially served as red shirts to show how dangerous the Otherside was. However, reading about people constantly getting murdered and eaten in the most brutal ways got old really fast. So, the nameless agents were give names, personalities, and lives but the deaths were kept in.

The first agent to be given any semblence towards a personality was Thomas Mann. Originally, he appeared in the book just as a type of apocalyptic log. He wrote about ghosts and that was it. Neither Nadine nor Kurt were originally added into the book. They came in later after the idea of a “lone ranger” agent became dull. Thus, Agent Mann gained a brother and a lover. However, his life was still marred with tragedy.




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