From the Desk of Lady Selene Entry Six

I had a horrible dream. I dreamt that I slaughtered humanity one by one. I spilled their blood across the land. I took so much joy in their screams as I dwindled their numbers. I marched proudly through the capitals as they burned. The Humans trembled before me, begging me to spare their lives. I spared none. The last human to die was Arc – dear Arc, sweet Arc – stood before me. He did not beg, grovel, or pray for his life. He welcomed death with open arms. I struck him down. When I woke I was crying. I feared the worst. I traveled to Arc and Vesper’s home that night. He was still alive. Arc was alive and he was breathing. I have never felt such relief as I saw his chest rise and fall. I wanted to wake him and beg for his forgiveness but how could I? After I dreamt of gleefully murdering him and his race? I would not forgive me if I was in his shoes. I returned to my base and cried in bed.

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