From the Desk of Selene Entry One

I have lost friends and colleagues. I have had my heart broken before. I am no stranger to grief. But today, I am undone. I have lost the woman I considered to be not only my equal but a sister. Vesper is dead. In the throes of childbirth, she passed away. In her place, she has left a child and a heartbroken husband. I do not know the child’s name nor do I care to.

I cannot see how something so small and helpless took Vesper’s life. She was so strong. She was fearless. To succumb to childbirth seems to be cruel and a mockery of the vitality that she once held. Life, as I have experienced, is not fair. Her partner, good man – a human, is taking care of the child. I wish him the best. The child is unusual. He will not know how to raise it. The child, I do not know it’s sex, is half Fair Folk and Human. Never before has there been a union of these two races. I should be excited about the latest addition to this world but I cannot. My heart is broken. I miss Vesper. I do not understand why she chose this path. Humanity is strange, it is wild and bizarre but to die for it? To sacrifice one’s life to bring another Human into the world? Vesper was so much more than a host for the parasite that killed her.

I wish understood her decision but I do not. I do not think that I ever will.

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