From the Desk of Selene Entry One

I have lost friends and colleagues. I have had my heart broken before. I am no stranger to grief. But today, I am undone. I have lost the woman I considered to be not only my equal but a sister. Vesper is dead. In the throes of childbirth, she passed away. In her place, she... Continue Reading →

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Broken Chapter One

The ship never stood a chance against the storm. In an instant, the calm sea turned violent and the oncoming storm threatened to kill them all. Orders were shouted over the monstrous waves that crashed onto the deck. Men were dragged overboard by the sea. Their death cries were muted as the storm grew in... Continue Reading →

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From the Desk of Lady Selene Entry Seven

I had yet another horrible dream. I had killed humanity again. I wreaked a terrible vengeance upon the race that Vesper had died for. I stained the earth with blood. I was so happy. I cannot explain it but I was so happy killing Vesper’s beloved Humans. I have not taken pleasure in killing since... Continue Reading →

From the Desk of Lady Selene Entry Six

I had a horrible dream. I dreamt that I slaughtered humanity one by one. I spilled their blood across the land. I took so much joy in their screams as I dwindled their numbers. I marched proudly through the capitals as they burned. The Humans trembled before me, begging me to spare their lives. I... Continue Reading →

Broken Chapter Three

Hours later, Thomas left Kurt and went off to work. He joined the other newsies in line to receive their papers for the day. The regulars were there and a few new faces. The chatter mixing between the new and the veteran newsies was the war. It was the only thing that they ever talked... Continue Reading →

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